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Complaint Form

How to Make a Complaint

Before you make your complaint to the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission (the "Commission") about a service provided to you by a real estate agent (herein referred to as a "Registrant"), you should first contact the Registrant and his or her broker to see if a satisfactory resolution can be reached.

If the Registrant or broker does not address the complaint to your satisfaction, and you believe that services and/or practices are not compliant with The Real Estate Act, its Regulations, or the Commission’s bylaws, you can make a formal complaint with the Commission. Complaints that raise issues of professional incompetence or misconduct will be investigated.

Before doing this, make sure that you know your rights.

It is not the responsibility of the Commission to provide legal advice or assistance on matters of civil litigation. If you believe that you have suffered a loss or damage as a result of the actions and/or omissions of a Registrant and/or brokerage, you should consult with your own lawyer.

What to Include in Your Complaint

Using the following form, explain why you think the Registrant did not meet the expectations or requirements set out in The Real Estate Act, its Regulations or the Commission's Bylaws. It is not necessary to provide all the details, but the Commission needs enough information to start its investigation and understand the issues.

How to Submit Your Complaint

You can submit your complaint to the Commission using any of these methods:

  • Online:
  • Through the website
  • Mail:

  • Attention: Legal & Compliance Department
    Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission
    104, 210 Wellman Crescent
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7T 0J1
  • Fax:
  • 306.373.2295
  • Email:

    How We Respond to Complaints

    When we receive a complaint, an assessment of the evidence is conducted to determine if further investigation is warranted, and to decide whether or not the complaint raises compliance issues. Notice of the complaint is sent to the parties involved for their response to the issues raised. We may request further information from you for clarification as the investigation continues.

    The Commission receives many written complaints each year. The Commission has an investigative process set out in The Saskatchewan Real Estate Act, Regulations and Bylaws and depending upon the complexity of the complaint, the process may take several months to over a year before a matter can be concluded.

    Please read the Complaint Information Guide thoroughly before submitting your complaint.